Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Chloe!

This afternoon, family and friends gathered in our back yard to wish Chloe Happy Third Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Chloe was really excited about the party, and delighted us all with her exuberant celebration.

Blowing out the candles

The cousins had a great time together, and even paused from play for an impromptu photo shoot.

Devlin and girls for photo shoot

Princess Chloe will be a big help to Granny by watering the flowers.

Princess Chloe watering plants

You can see more birthday party photos on Mark's Flicker page.


Rebellious Roberts said...

i love all the pictures!!! it was a cute little party!

Mark Dixon said...

Thanks for coming to the party and stopping by the blog!

Sassy said...

I came over from Angie's blog....WHAT A CUTE PARTY!!!!! Love, love, love the banner!!!!! TOO flippin' cute!